NorMeat is for companies looking into exporting meat into Norway. Cooperating with NorMeat means direct access to the Norwegian meat market with an inside partner. This means flexible and short communication lines, and direct feedback from the customer.

It also means working with a partner with direct knowledge on Norwegian trading regulations. This results in lower costs, high quality assurance, and stability.


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NorMeat AS consists of three leading independent and privately owned meat companies which cooperate with each other in order to import meat into Norway. Through this cooperation these three parties aim to strengthen their position in the import market of Norway. NorMeat AS was established in 2012.


The establishment of NorMeat AS has been especially influenced by the increase in imports of meat into Norway in the past few years. All three parties saw the necessity of controlling and understanding their own import needs and also realized that cooperation would be both practical and strategically beneficial. By working together and sharing the needs of each party, NorMeat AS joins the necessary quality demands for the foreign market. Each party of NorMeat is a leader within a different part of the Norwegian meat market. All parties are involved in each step of the process from the farmer to retail, from meat to eat. With this cooperation NorMeat hopes to achieve a greater network and knowledge of the continuously changing import market.


We are looking for suppliers who can comply to our Norwegian quality standards and understand our needs. NorMeat functions with one quality standard and one audit, based on the demands and criteria of the three companies involved. Transport with use of Norwegian hooks is preferred.

Our suppliers are mainly slaughterhouses, meat producers and traders.
Products that we mainly purchase are:

• Beef carcasses
• Lamb carcasses
• Pork products
• Beef products
• Lamb products

NorMeat expects to import a volume of 6000 tons yearly with a value of €40 mio. In Norwegian sales the total sales of Fatland, Grilstad and Prima is €800 mio.

For more information about each individual partner, you can visit the website of each company: